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See some of our most asked questions

See our most asked our questions

See our most asked questions

How does Olarm work?

Olarm is an extra keypad to your alarm, except the new keypad is now an app on your phone.

Is my alarm supported?

Olarm works with most of the Paradox alarm systems and selected models from DSC, Texecom and IDS.

Do you report the zone that triggered the alarm?

Yes, we report all the active zones. In fact, every single zone event is sent to your app instantly and continuously whether your system is armed or disarmed.

Push notifications?

You will receive a push notification instantly for any change in alarm mode. For example – if your system is disarmed from your spouse's phone, or even the keypad, a push notification is sent to you. This applies for stay mode, arming, disarming, and an actual alarm.

Are multiple areas supported?

Multiple areas are supported. Olarm conforms to the manner in which your alarm was programmed. If your alarm programming changes or you introduce a new sensor, Olarm automatically adapts to the new configuration.

I need to leave my dog in the living room while I am out for dinner, can I deactivate that zone?

Yes we support bypassing a zone temporarily. This is often useful for a faulty zone or a plant blowing in the wind causing false alarms. To bypass a zone your system must be disarmed.

Do I need to have WiFi at home to use Olarm?

No. Olarm has it’s own Cellular modem and your home does not require you to have an internet connection.

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